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I started GetReal as a social experiment a few months ago: what if we all stopped texting, and had an actual face-to-face conversation once in a while? For work or for fun, I just find it so much more exciting and effective to drop the emoticons, and get to know each other, in person. The small group of people I shared the MVP with loved it. It pushed me to turn this idea into an actual product. I called it GetReal, and just released it to the AppStore. I'd love to hear your feedback on this first version. Ping me anytime! :) Arnaud / @rno
@rno Congrats on launch! Hope this will lead to fruitful encounters ;)
@rno congrats on the launch! really excited to see people get to use the app.
Hah, had the same idea for an app a while ago! Awesome execution! Looking forward to see it grow and will be waiting for Android version! :))
@kristapslazda Thank you! Why did you decide not pursuing it? For Android - I still have a LOT I want to push on iOS, and I can't really tell yet when I could get started on an Android version.
Congrats on the launch. How are you tackling the chicken-and-egg problem, @rno?
@rno @rrhoover Curious about this as well.
@rrhoover @jtzou Great question. Thanks for asking, and sorry I missed it yesterday! To be perfectly frank, at this stage GetReal is still a social experiment, and I'm trying to get validation on its core concept: Will people actually find value meeting the old-fashioned way, in person first? Without texting involved? More importantly, for what purpose will this be the most useful? The most enjoyable and refreshing? I honestly don’t know. So I tried to leave the app has “hybrid” as possible, to see which use case would develop, if any. My gut tells me professional networking will be the most interesting one. The Beta actually confirmed that. But I can’t really tell until I get "real world" usage data points. And the growth strategy will obviously be very different for a Business Networking tool VS Find new friends tool. So more to come on this soon :)
An interesting angle on all the new dating apps. Seems like a lot of the game still takes place in messaging after you match with someone. This is trying to get people to avoid that and just meet up.
@kristofertm Messaging is less commitment. I dont use tinder, but i do use weave. And the messaging makes sure signal quality is high enough. Just my opinion.