Simply convert a flight boarding pass into a mobile passbook

Free tool that allows you to take any airline boarding pass (either PDF or image) and turn it into native iOS Wallet Pass Books, making boarding process at the airport much simpler

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Thank you @mfts0 for hunting us. Last weekend, we were kind of bored with current tasks, and we wanted to build something cool, so we made our own internal hackathon. We have built to help all the flyers in the world with the flying craziness. Our mission is to simplify flying: booking tickets should be as simple as ordering an Uber and the boarding process needs to be simplified. We have decided to release it for free also for non-Ahoy flyers because we believe that flying industry is lagging behind and we want to speed it up.
@mfts0 @bartoszhernas will you be able to take a photo of a boarding pass and make it digital?
@tombielecki it's already there, GetPassbook reads also images. You just have to make sure resolution is good enough to read the barcode.
@tombielecki Or even better: *make a photo of just a barcode*
@bartoszhernas amazing! Thanks so much
Great idea. I love it
Hey Producthunters! I found this cool travel company called Ahoy! ✈️ and they are building some serious tech behind their simply product. What's even cooler - and they've shown it with is that they are creating for the *entire* travel community. >Ahoy makes flying smoother for busy flyers. After seeing that airlines were making it harder to download a passbook file directly from web checkin - and lots of our customers asking us why - we spent a weekend creating a simple converter that can make any PDF or image flight boarding pass, into a the passbook file for wallet. This is really awesome and I've already used the boarding passes converter! 🚀
Great idea. An idea for future features would be giving it access to your email account and it would always automatically add any new boarding passes to your passbook effortlessly. Id pay for that service :)
@rossodono Thanks! If you book with, then our agents do the checkin for you, so you dont have to worry. For GetPassbook we want to add email forwarding, where you just forward your boarding pass to us and get back passbook. Then its simply a gmail filter to have this automated :). Reading your whole mailbox just for boarding passes is overkill imho.
Love the idea!