Whatever you need, Getmii helps you find it now.

Hello everyone! The Getmii team (we call ourselves Getmiikins) is thrilled to launch our product this week, and delighted to engage with the many talented minds here. Quick intro: What do you need? We ask this question to almost everyone we meet. The answer is almost always more substantive than generic responses to "How are you?" Needs tell a lot about individuals, and vary substantially from person to person. Some needs are concrete (coffee, used bike) others are abstract (advice on a great date spot, someone to join me at a concert). We created Getmii to allow you to share any need with people nearby. You can also see and reply (if you choose) to others' needs. Your posts and subsequent replies/chats can be as "you" or anonymous. On Sept 10 we conducted a pilot in Kathmandu ("Getmii blood donors, any type") to increase the number of blood donated to the Red Cross post-earthquake (Nepal falls ~100,000 pints short each year). In the coming months, a great team of college ambassadors around the world will introduce Getmii to their campuses. We humbly welcome all input and comments from the Product Hunt community as we grow and develop. We admire the work of so many of you, and look forward to your thoughts. One question we're discussing now: Should we allow users to connect their Instagram (ala Tinder) so you can see a fuller profile of who is posting the need? Thanks! Max+Getmiikins
Do I /have/ to sign in with Facebook? Also, is this somehow related to Jelly? The octopus icon reminded me.
@nickmke Thanks for checking us out. Right now users can only login using Facebook. Indeed, one of the main features is the ability to see how many mutual friends you have in common with other posters to the Need Feed. It was a much-debated choice within our team, where ultimately we sought to foster a trust-based environment where users use "real identities" as frequently as possible (versus potentially fake ones if signed in using other methods). We think Jelly is cool, and see Getmii as something very different. We want users to quickly see and scroll through many immediate needs nearby. The needs only last for a short time limit. It's also highly localized. We hope Getmii can help posters "find someone who can (verb here)" their need, while also fulfilling a need of others on the feed to see and enjoy what's going on near them. Maybe you're like me and spend hours scrolling away on random Reddit content, killing time. There seems to be a natural human tendency to see the wants and needs of others - especially if it's in our neighborhoods or on our campuses. Funny enough, one of our teammates sketched the 4-legged creature on a napkin. Everyone liked it except her, and somehow it stuck. Would you choose a different animal? A panda was also considered :)
I need syrrp 🍇🔌
@99centbrains Exactly! Anything that you need, post it to the Need Feed and see what happens :p
"The points mean nothing! Still, score points each time you do something!" -.-
@stefanobernardi Users get Glory "points" through posting and responding on Getmii. Glory will play more of a fun role in future versions :) But indeed, for now, they are only a marker for how often you Getmii. Do you have favorite in-app point/incentive examples? We're always looking for inspiration!
@maxatgetmii quiz up is a good example for in-app point/incentive. assign glorified names to people to help! I love your product mate, can I get in and experience it? I'm from India but want to really really experience the mechanism that you've built.