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#4 Product of the DayNovember 09, 2016
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No reviews yet is a collaborative user driven platform for anyone to find or request ideas. Made for everyone including businesses and public figures, organises ideas into lists where you can see which ideas are better/worse from idea votes. is for all types of ideas, whether you need personal ideas, business related or ideas everyone could find valuable; you can request ideas for anything. You control the privacy of your idea requests so if you don't want ideas from the community but only want ideas from your friends or colleagues you can.
@james_bailey1 This is a very interesting platform. I've been browsing around and it feels like a giant party for your mind. I think the tiles can be done a bit better to make discovery faster and more fluid. Overall, great stuff!
@davidsfeng haha i agree. Thanks for your feedback, ill take that into account. Thank you :)
@james_bailey1 how do you plan to engage users to "give" ideas?
@leonelmore We currently have points and levels but we believe people will give ideas anyway, for their own reward. We plan to bring out many features in the near future that will hopefully get more users to give ideas.
@james_bailey1 Great concept and great UI. It's brilliant.
looks like 90's all over again... lol
@antonio_bologna But with a .io domain name, so it's hip and trendy!
Looks like a very handy list of lists.
mmm, this is really looks like a treasure, tnx!