Getform is a simple form backend platform that is designed to help form owners to manage their web forms with ease. Form setup is dead easy. All you need to do is to generate a URL endpoint from Getform, add it to your form and start collecting submissions.

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Hello Product Hunt Community, I’m Mertcan, one of the co-founders of Getform here. Getform is a simple form backend platform that is designed to help form owners to manage their web forms without any hassle. Form setup is really easy. All you need to do is to generate a URL endpoint from Getform, update your HTML form tag with it, and start managing upcoming submissions to your forms. Since we launched Getform for the first time on PH 3 years ago, we have been improving the platform incrementally but there were also times that we couldn’t really address the needs of our user base to implement the asked features. But starting with the new version, we want to change this radically to offer the best service possible in this domain. In addition to collecting submissions, with Getform 2.0 you will be able to: - Redirect to custom URL's on submissions success - Setup email notifications - Integrate your submissions with other services through Zapier - Give users read-only access to form data (Form invite) - Allow secure file uploads and preview it on our dashboard Every Getform form also includes automatic spam filtering using Akismet, support for AJAX, React, Axios and Fetch API posts and we are also now fully GDPR compatible. Our short-term plans include: - Custom email templates for email notifications - Custom email server integration for small enterprises - Form submission analytics - Mobile apps (starting from iOS). - Creating a Getform CLI - Adding new & direct integrations on top of what Zapier provides CYBER MONDAY & PH LAUNCH SPECIAL 40% off on our yearly plans as Cyber Monday & Product Hunt Launch special! If you have time, check it out and please let us know what you think. We’ll be around today to hop in the comments. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and have a great day! Mertcan & Getform Team
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Getform make us feel the freedom of creating pages with forms.


Easy usage, E-mail notifications, Integrations.



Interesting really! Well done on this guys
@eben_gabriels Thank you so much 🙏
Nice! Very easy and have best decisions for contact forms ;) Good luck!
Hey @roma_li4! Thanks a lot for your comment :)
Hi Guys, Your product seems quite nice and easy to use. Just wanted to share some feedbacks after experiencing first form creation with a free account. - You can offer ready to use form templates ( contact us, inquiry/feedback form, recruitment etc. ) - Basic Filtering on the form submissions page - Basic Filtering on the form export page. - Allow exporting to google sheets directly. - Print created date on the form submissions grid - Rather than printing all form fields in the submissions grid, let users choose visible fields. - Conditional notification ( rule-based notification ) - Let users edit the default thank-you page content. ( At least, text and icon can be customizable ) - Make your border color a little bit darker :D - After form creation, in the form setup page, you can also place a working example form ( besides the markup, you can add the form preview to test it immediately ). For a brand new project, it works fast and stable. Well done guys !!!
@kipergil Thank you so much for your kind words, valuable feedbacks. 🚀