Form endpoints to manage the backend of your online webforms.

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My 2 cents are that this must go hand in hand with form creation wizards. People are struggling with design just as much as with form processing. As for other features - all types of data exports (Mysql,Google spreadsheets to name a couple) , data filtering and maybe some data analysis will add a lot of value to the service. On the thank you page front, you should probably allow customization features.
@samuelbeek Thank you for your comments first ! We are planning to expand the usability of submission datas by adding some IFTTT integrations and work on our invitation feature..
Form handling is always something people spend to much time on. This product takes the hassle away; well done! What are your ideas for the future? Data analysis? More simple handlers?
So smart! Everyone gets so sad when I help them setup a website and the last step is me telling them the super nice looking form at the bottom is going to have to be replaced by a Wufoo. Not anymore!!!
Similar to — The difference seems to be the option to obscure action URL and email. It would be great to have more than 5 submissions on the free plan. Formspree let you have 1000 submissions free each month.