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Hey Product Hunt, We can all agree that Tech is a huge part of our lives but my first love was/is fitness and it has truly changed my life. Over the last 10 years either competing as a professional natural bodybuilder, being a personal trainer or providing nutrition coaching I have developed the foundational skills of self discipline, dedication, habit building and goal setting that have helped me upgrade all the other areas of my life. Through this journey I have immersed myself in everything and anything related to Health and Fitness. This is where the GetFit Stack comes from. GetFit Stack is a Handpicked Directory of 285 resources and tools to help anyone get healthy and fit. Ideally it helps people get up to speed very quickly rather than search the internet, read forums and take risks with random advice. There is so much crap information out there around Fitness and it’s overwhelming for anyone to tackle. I wanted to create a vetted directory of the resources people can use to learn about getting healthier whether it be about Nutrition, different types of workout routines, healthy recipes, sweet spotify playlists to get pumped, books to read or Youtubers to follow. After the hundreds of people I have help get fit I have included what I believe to be the best and what has helped them the most in this stack. Right now there are 17 categories like Nutrition, Supplementation, Influential Fitness People, Books, Where to Buy Stuff, Fitness Tech Gear or Motivational Videos. In total there are 285 resources and I plan to add a bunch more. Hopefully the GetFit stack helps you cut through the noise of the Fitness industry and is the tool you use to live a healthier life. Any feedback or recommendations would be AMAZING. Special Shout out to @bramk and @bentossell for inspiring this with their awesome stacks.
@spadaforachris How can one submit to this list, I have an amazing resource for Recipes & Nutrition that I'm surprised is not on here.
@braunshizzle Braunson we are going to go live with a link submission form in the afternoon. For now send it to my personal email and I'll take a look.
I need so bad to get fit LOL. Congrats for putting all them together ;)
@gabrielreynard thanks! Talk to me. What's stopping you? What insight can provide? More than happy to help through chat here
@spadaforachris I have two kids and I get home exhausted. But it's not their fault, I became lazy. I want really bad to get fit, eat health and practice sport (I play tennis and soccer, but it's been a while since I don't play). My colesterol is high, I'm taking medicine :/ Feel free to give me any advice :)
@gabrielreynard Understood and it's really tough staying/getting fit with major responsibilities of any kind especially family. So don't beat yourself up over it man. What I love to hear you bring up was passion for a few sports. Those are your keys to the kingdom. If you think you are going to get fit, eat healthy, play sports and throw those cholesterol pills in the trash all at once you are fooling yourself. What I would do is start VERY VERY SMALL and leverage the physical activities you already have developed a passion for like Tennis and Soccer. Start by setting the Goal of playing either one of those sports 1x/week for the next 6 weeks (barring any out of town things you have going on) and STICK TO THAT GOAL AND THAT GOAL ONLY. Your diet doesn't matter, hitting the gym doesn't matter nothing matters for these next 6 weeks outside of playing tennis or soccer 1x/week. After you crush that goal it's time to stack on a new challenge. Maybe play 2x/week or 1x/week plus go for a run. Do the new goal for another 4 weeks. Then continue to stack on challenges be it physical activity or after 3-4 stacks set the goal of no junkfood for 2 weeks. Then Junkfood 1x/month etc. What I am trying to say here is don't rush, tackle each thing at a time and eventually these things will become easier for you. Keep crushing it at being a dad and hopefully many of the resources in can help provide some additional info!
@spadaforachris Super Thanks! I will try my best :)
Might be helpful in the near future, thx guys =)
@adrruez no problem. How can I help you get started tomorrow rather than the near future? Any insight I can provide to kick start your journey?