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Yaniv PreslerMaker@yaniv_presler
Hi all, I’m the CEO at GetEvents and we are happy to see one of our products on ProductHunt. Thanks @erictwillis for hunting #getevents! At GetEvents we are trying to produce a better user experience in the world of events discovery/search. Even in 2015, you still cannot find one single source of all events in your home city, or for when you need to travel. GetEvents have worked under the radar for nearly 3.5 years to build our events search engine. We now have one of the most comprehensive events database in the world. #getevents is a product we developed for Twitter users. We offer the ability to discover events, from any city around the world, from a single tweet. I hope you enjoy trying and using our product, and look forward to reading your comments below
Motti Peer@mottipeer · CEO Blonde 2.0
Love it
Yaniv PreslerMaker@yaniv_presler
@mottipeer Thanks! more products on the way..
Yaniv PreslerMaker@yaniv_presler
Thanks @Mottipeer.
Gil Eyal@gileyal · Founder
Love Get Events. Have been following for a while now. Good luck guys!
Yaniv PreslerMaker@yaniv_presler
@gileyal Thanks! we hope to innovate with some cool integration..
Yaniv PreslerMaker@yaniv_presler
It will be great to know what other integration you want us (GetEvents) to do.