GetData.IO is a DIY web crawling service that lets users easily harvest huge volumes of data from any website in a few clicks. The data harvested from these websites by users can be leveraged for research, financial investment needs and AI machine learning.

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Love the tools ability to match entities across a website from your original feature selection.

Also enjoy being informed on how many other users have scraped data from the website your currently visiting - a great way to build a sense of community!


An intuitive tool to streamline the data collection experience.


Caused my browser to run a little slower, but can be expected when it's dynamically classifying unique features across every website.

Hi Lachlan, thanks for the feedback! Yup, we are still in the process of figuring out how to further reduce the computational load on browsers when in use.
Seems like an interesting product, but I can't even test it privately without paying.
@vertis Hi Luke, yeah we are trying to find a good balance between promoting community sharing and generating enough revenue to cover for server cost, quite similar to the former GitHub model.
tested, it just pull text data, i didnt find any settings to customize data type
@jordanslon Hi Jordan, the current URL for the chrome extension does not yet support the extraction of custom data types. However the required_attribute property within columns clause does allow you to do so. This is the API This is a sample data source that was created today
@garyjob and when you're going to add it in extension?
@jordanslon I will add it to the extension once I have figured out a good and simple UI/UX to expose that feature without bloating the current interface. I just noticed that you are a designer. Would be nice if I could get some inputs from you on any UI suggestions you might have. :)
@garyjob when i got free time, i'll do
@jordanslon Thanks Jordan. 😄
This is an interesting product that will save you alot time if you require data from webpages. I am doing a Product challenge for 20 days where I write about the #1 product on PH. Today, day 7, I wrote about GetData 😃 ->
Thanks @nifeoluyemi for sharing and getting the word out on GetData, and all the best with your 20 days product challenge 😃