Gamification for your team's projects

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Hey, we were caught by surprise by this 'product hunt release', but we're here and ready, AMA, I'm the tech guy at GetBadges :)
@khasinski True! this absolutely surprise for our team! But what a nice surprise it is!
This looks really nice, will try it on one of our trello boards.
@fabian_rauch Hey thanks for trying GetBadges :) We are trying to use as much data as we can in our gameplay, so you add connect more tools as well and get various extra features.
Looks interesting, will try it later. Maybe you can tell us a bit more about Getbadges @khasinski ?
@adrruez We started as a simple achievements system for various tools, because we wanted to have something akin to Visual Studio Achievements for our work tools. Once we gathered enough data we started noticing patterns, like people getting more involved when near particular milestones and we recruited an ex-People Can Fly game designer (responsible for Bulletstorm and Street Fighter IV) to expand the gameplay. We have both individual achievements (badges) and some group quests (mainly monster slaying, but there is much more coming soon) and all of the game mechanics reacts to what happens in various tools. In some companies we notice as much as 20% more features delivered (closed tasks and accepted pull requests) in five weeks. :)
/ Rewards always a good incentive :)
Hello! I'm CEO of and I'm really proud to feature GetBadges on ProductHunt! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!!