Proposal and eSigning workflow reinvented

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Samir Smajic
Samir SmajicMakerHiring@samirsmajic · Co-founder @ GetAccept
Hi there all Product Hunters and a big thanks to @katesegrin for hunting us! Co-founder Samir Smajic from GetAccept here. GetAccept helps salespeople close more deals faster by helping them take control of their sales document workflow. Our team at GetAccept worked with sales for several years and experienced a LOT of frustration -- deals would just slip away from us even when we thought we we’re in control. We realized we were not alone. 60% of all sales proposals end up in a stage where nothing happens. GetAccept is changing that! Imagine you are about to send a sales proposal. With GetAccept you can add a presentation video to make sure your proposal stands out. You'll get insights about the recipient’s behavior and notifications with tips for the next step. The platform will also push the deal forward automatically by sending reminders and activating remarketing campaigns that engage the decision makers and influencers. And last but not least, we make it easy for the customer to say yes with eSigning from GetAccept.   Let us know what you think!
Sam Altman
Sam Altman@sama · President, YC
Congrats to the GetAccept team! I've been recommending this to a lot of companies recently.
Samir Smajic
Samir SmajicMakerHiring@samirsmajic · Co-founder @ GetAccept
@sama Thank you Sam for the Congrats and the Leads!
Stefan Krafft
Stefan Krafft@stefankrafft · Co-Founder Haaartland
Simply brilliant. Well done guys!
Bill Lewis
Bill Lewis@workstationw · PM--Dave's Office Installations
Whats not to love about this product goodbye Salesforce Well done
Samir Smajic
Samir SmajicMakerHiring@samirsmajic · Co-founder @ GetAccept
Oh far to kind @workstation. We really hope that Salesforce will stay a little longer since our Salesforce integration is in the pipe to being approved in the App Exchange Store =) Thank you ones again!
Super slick idea and well executed!