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Get Yelled At is a service to pair you up with a like-minded accountability partner so you can get things done together and stay motivated.

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Eric Murphy
Eric MurphyMaker@ericnmurphy · I make things
Hey PH, Want to get something done but keep procrastinating and putting it off? I'll help you stay on track by pairing you up with a like-minded person to keep you accountable & get things done together. 📣 The Story 📔 I always like working on big goals and better habits, but it's hard to stay motivated. But what finally clicked for me one day is when I started going back to the gym with a new friend—now I had to go to the gym with him or he'd yell at my ass for being lazy. And when I was ready to give up during a heavy squat set, he was the one yelling at me "two more reps!" It's hard to bullshit yourself when you have somebody getting after you to get things done. Fill out a little bit about you and your most important goal for the next 30 days and I'll pair you up with a like-minded person with similar goals. From there, you can yell at each other and keep each other in line with your goals. Plus, join now and you'll get lifetime access to our Telegram group—chat about how to stay motivated, what you're working on, your favorite philosophy, and anything else with me and other people getting things done. Let me know any feedback, hope you enjoy! 🙏
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Similar to Boss as a Service. How does the other person keep you accountable exactly, @ericnmurphy?
Eric Murphy
Eric MurphyMaker@ericnmurphy · I make things
@rrhoover Hey Ryan, the idea is to pair up with an accountability partner, so once I connect you with the right person, you'll both keep each other accountable by checking in regularly. It's different for everyone, so I'll help you work out a good system between you two, e.g. checking in every evening or every weekday morning, so that you're both happy. Once that's worked out, you can communicate however you want, I'm just doing the introducing of the two people.