Get Worm 2.0

Discover new startups, join early and get exclusive rewards

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Get Worm brings startups and users together, and let startups recognize and appreciate their early adopters with exclusive rewards (worms).
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@erictwillis Thanks again for featuring on the PH - the biggest community of early adopters! MUCH LOVE!! Hi fellow hunters! Since your tremendous support the last time, for months we have been working on a new recipe for Get Worm. And after all the time in the kitchen, we are super excited to bring you a new, fresh and delicious Get Worm 2.0! This Get Worm: LOOKS BETTER! We've reset the table, laid the new china and polished the silverware. In short we've redesigned every inch of the platform to give you an awesome visual experience! TASTES BETTER! With a brand new search, @mentions in comments and better control over notifications and accounts settings, Get Worm is now more delicious than ever! REWARDS BETTER! We love our frequent flyers who are always active and engaging on Get Worm, and what good is an early adopter rewards platform which does not recognize its own users? Hence you'll now find your early bird credits on your dashboard. These credits will earn you shiny new badges on your profile and special gifts on reaching milestones There are many more features that we can talk about, but reading isn’t quite as fun as discovering new stuff - after all you are an “early adopter”, right? Looking forward to chat to all the curious cats here! Love from Melbourne, Sarthak
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@kcucchia Thank you so much! Let us know how you find it
@sarthakmoghe having trouble signing up via Twitter. Not sure if anyone else is
@kcucchia Can you explain it over the support chat on Get Worm?
We've submitted two years ago - and Get Worm continues sending us users. Thank you, Sarthak! :)
@alexstrvinsky thanks a lot. And we love @kukupost for our social media management
This is such a great idea! If this takes off this will be a good solution for new projects to get their very-early-adopters, which have been the most challenging part of launching (for me at least). Just posted there as well!
@dennisong Thanks for your kind words! We know how hard is it for a startup with limited or no funds to get traction - Get Worm was actually inspired by this very problem that we faced with our previous startup, which failed because of lack of early adoption. :(
A much needed update to the platform, the old version was not particularly nice ;) Congrats guys!
@horea4 Thanks Horea! It was in works for quite some time now. Glad to know you're liking it :)
Not just for #startups. You can be a well established biz with a 2.0 product or a new SKU. Its really good for managing #pre-order pipelines.