Get Work Done Music

Super simple interface for working music

looks like you've been looking for music apps that helps people work. Any other good finds or playlists?
@EAWharton yep :) here's a set of productivity playlists on 8tracks:
@_jacksmith thanks. It's a topic I find pretty interesting. Music choices that optimize for productivity seem to be fairly personal. Music that I like and have listened to many times seems to be the best. Different types of music complement different tasks the best for me
@_jacksmith never used 8tracks. Trying it today. Seems sorta like the spotify channels. (which I can't ever find one that doesn't annoy me within an hour or two)
@_jacksmith @EAWharton I'm in the same boat. I like music while working, but it needs to be background and not bother me. I tend to float through a lot of different stations in spotify, but probably have to change more than once a day once I get 2 songs in a row that bother me. (Also every time I thumbs down a song, spotify never does anything with it, and keep playing the song.) So music suggestions always welcome.
@SacBookReviewer I like trance, EDM & classic rock for work. I also like to listen to mixes so that the transitions between songs are smoother
Looks promising. I don't have a system right now for choosing specific music tailored for different activities; typically I find myself jumping between all my playlists in Spotify as well as a bit of SoundCloud. I find myself getting irritated after playing the same songs several times, though. Will definitely give this a try.
Very cool to see this hunted. Been using this for years. Interesting the creator sold it for a couple of thousand bucks.
Thanks for sharing @_jacksmith very interesting find -- I like the "Faster" button, ha! I will have to check out the others mentioned here too. I've been experimenting myself and recently wrote a post about Getting Things Done with Dubstep for the same reason, the pace really helps bang out tasks. I have tried some apps like Rdio but fall into habit with Dubstep and Beyond or Groove Salad from depending on the work I'm doing and the mood. I have the same problem as @SacBookReviewer though , it has to be background music not much talking and some songs bother me and I end up flipping but when I get in the flow state the song doesn't bother me too often. P.S. Have anyone ever tried Binaural Beats or Isochronic Tones? I use these a lot for focus and creativity off Youtube or I have purchased some as well.