Get waves

A simple web app to generate svg waves, unique every time

Generate SVG waves for your next design.
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Hi everyone! We are very excited to launch this little tool today that lets you generate SVG waves for your web designs. Thank you for checking out Looking forward to hearing what you think!
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@cristinapoiata This is so best, thank you! However, Can I know how do I scale the svg? They are appearing in the middle!
Very excellent! Also checkout (nothing to do with me)
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@Mick thanks! Funny that you mention Blobmaker, we made it in January!
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@mick @cristinapoiata haha awesome! it's great. As is GetWaves
Nice use of react-spring :)
I wish I'd found this before building — I've got waves all over the place! 🤣
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Perfect for a Friday launch! Can't stop on hitting the shuffle button. Awesome idea Cristina, Richard! Congrats 🎉👏🏽🎊
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