Get Together

A book on how to build a community with your people

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Although communities feel magical, they don't come together by magic. Get Together is a guide to cultivating a community—people who come together over what they care about. Build your community with people, not for them.
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Hi everybody! Thank you thank you @jpvalery for sharing. I'm Kevin—one of the three authors of Get Together alongside @baileyelaine and @esotto. I'm down to answer any questions you might have. I like to describe the book as a a guidebook on how to build a community. The book spotlights all types of communities—fitness meetups, fan clubs, online groups, activist networks, communities around companies, nonprofits, and causes. And it breaks down practical steps about how to get people together. Here's an excerpt from the preface: --- Today, the meaning of “community” can be ambiguous. But true communities are simply groups of people who keep coming together over what they care about. The most vibrant communities offer members a chance to act on their passions with one another. Our conversations with these different clubs, networks, and societies have led to one big takeaway. The secret to getting people together is this: build your community with people, not for them. Amateurs try to manage a community, but great leaders create more leaders. Nearly every challenge of building a community can be met by asking yourself, “How do I achieve this by working with my people, not doing it for them?” In other words, approach community-building as progressive acts of collaboration—doing more with others every step of the way. 👋🔥📙
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I'm so so excited to pick this up and give it a read. Have it sitting in my backpack as we speak! Bailey, Kevin and Kai have built something so phenomenal with People and Company, their community coaching and design business, and if their podcast and online writing and backgrounds have anything to do with it (it has everything to do with it), this book is going to be full of rich, thoughtful, human insights on how to build meaningful communities. If this is the first time you're learning of them and are wondering whether this is worth reading in a sea of content about community building, just listen to their podcast, The Get Together, or read their community research, or stalk their histories. Their podcast: Their research: Their backgrounds: (Also, no, they didn't ask me to write this or send me talking points. I'm just someone that's been hugely impressed with their work and appreciative that they did it.)
Written by some of the most talented community thought leaders, this is a guide that everyone should read. As a former community professional, more often than not I was confronted to people trying to build communities for a commercial gain (e.g. outsourcing support to a community forum) rather than building the foundation for a group of people to nurture and grow a community.
@jpvalery So is this aimed at those trying to build for commercial gains, or at casual, non-profit communities?
@jpvalery @james_stramer Hey James! Nice to meet ya. I'm one of the authors of Get Together. I'd say we the book is aimed at readers who span those interests for their community-building efforts. We spotlight communities around companies, nonprofits, causes, and independent activities. For instance, we write about Instant Pot and how their team has cultivated a vibrant community of superfans known as "Potheads" that do bring a lot of value to their business in the form of customer to customer support and advocacy. We also write about a run crew in Washington Heights NYC that hasn't missed a Monday in 6 years as well as Female IN, a private Facebook group of 1.8M Nigerian women where they can share vulnerable stories without judgement. Our goal was to weave these seemingly disparate stories from all types of communities together and break down practical steps about how to get people together. You can get a feel for the range of communities/leaders we hope to highlight and reach by checking out our podcast Thanks for your interest!
Just started reading this one. Loved how everything is divided into three categories. Keep doing the great work, team!
@paras_pundir Thank you Paras! Let us know if you learn something new/valuable/helpful.