Get Shit Done Calendar

❌Make a series of small adjustments in your daily routine. ❌

#4 Product of the DayDecember 31, 2018

1. Pick a task that is meaningful enough to make a difference, but simple enough that you can get it done.

2. Each day that you do your task, you get to put a red X over that day. After a while, you’ll start making a chain and you’ll like seeing that chain.

3. Don’t break the chain!

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Charles Magnuson
Charles Magnuson@magnuson · Professional Consumer
Weeks start on Monday, not Sunday. For half price, I'd go for a downloadable version.
@magnuson i would pay a dol for ready to print in A4 or A3. 9 bucks im off
Don The Idea Guy
Don The Idea Guy@dontheideaguy · The Idea Department
I actually prefer my weeks to begin on Sunday and set my calendar options to that preference every chance I get, so I appreciate this design!
Rafiq Maniar
Rafiq Maniar@rafiqmaniar · Founder,
The images you uploaded to Product Hunt are a much better representation of what the product is than the shop site. I would seriously consider redoing the theme on your shop, not because it's "not pretty" but because it just does not showcase your product effectively, IMHO.
Jorge Mendez
Jorge Mendez@jorge_mendez1
Looking forward to adding this to my everyday routine!
Brian Felix
Brian FelixMaker@idislikebrian · Founding EIC of Fameless Quarterly
Hey guys, this is the first thing I've hunted. Hope it doesn't come off narcissistic since I made it. Would love your thoughts! Let's get shit done in 2019! ❌
Anna Filou
Anna Filou@anna_0x · Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
Nice, where are the newer emoji like 🥰 though?