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Get a custom regex expression made within 1 hour

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 10, 2016
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How much would you charge to build a RegEx to match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags? ;)
@yask123 Hi Yask. Thanks for your question. Every regex task is charged $15. Try and find out ;)
@yask123 Oops, check... ;)
OMG - sorry friends, but you may all be getting custom ordered regexes for your birthdays & other assorted special occasions this year! 👯
i guess, this is a life saving option for many! personally i love trying to get it right the hard way :)
Site is not working . Really would like to explore platform .
@amitsquare Me, too. I really hope to see this site.
@donghee_choi @amitsquare Update; we had some server issues. This should be solved by now. Sorry for this interruption. Bad timing from our server.
As someone who's spent hours learning how to create regex expressions; but still struggle when it came to complex use cases, I wish this had existed earlier! With Get Regex, a professional developer can create a custom regex expression to your needs, turned round within an hour. From the makers of ToolBird: - which I'd hunted a few months ago
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack for hunting. Exciting to be on PH.