GET PUT POST is a newsletter about APIs and the killer apps that developers need to build using them.

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Startups create platforms by helping developers build big businesses on their APIs. I interviewed companies like Coinbase, Postmates, and Plaid about their APIs and killer app ideas they want people to build on their platforms. Will be sharing every couple weeks in a newsletter. Here's the first edition, featuring Coinbase -
This is pretty cool, but I don't want to add to the clutter of my email inbox with yet another newsletter. Is there another way I can consume this newsletter? ..maybe via Medium, Twitter, or Facebook?
@badhairday Thanks, Michael! There isn't an easy way to do that with Tiny Letter right now, but I might host it on Medium (or my site) since I'm not too happy with how the archive page looks.
Just finished the first edition. Great read! What's on deck for the second edition?