Get Notified

Get Notified when something happens


Andrew Torba
@torbahax · CEO, Gab.ai #SpeakFreely
Very cool. This matches a new trend I've been seeing a lot: the marriage of human and technology curation.
Shubham Naik
@4shub · Guy who builds things. All @ DataStack
Pretty cool idea.
Mike Bracco
@bracco · Product at JibJab
I have always wanted something like this - a sort of IFTTT for non-structured data. It would be cool at scale where alerts could be powered by the user base and no pricing was necessary. Imagine users could submit requests for alerts and the community could submit answers. If an answer gets up-voted above threshold it would then get pushed out to the followe… See more
Zach Fogg
@zfogg · founder - @mixmob, @joopal
Quite a bold claim. This is the most interesting new service I've seen in some time.
Jason Shah
@jasonyogeshshah · CEO @ Do (Do.com)
This looks very cool. I like how the product is focused on solving an important human problem (i.e. "Being notified.") even if some of the initial applications might be seemingly trivial. Could see a vast range of applications. Also, interesting how it's sort of "horizontal" in this sense and bucks the trendy advice of doing exactly one very narrow thing w… See more