This year make taxes easy.
Digital receipts and invoices flood our inbox. In order to organize them for taxes or for expense reports, this is the easiest tool to use. Just click on "Get My Receipts" in Gmail, and it'll organize your receipts in a spreadsheet.
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Hi Hunters! We launched this service because filing for tax returns is stressful enough for most people. This Gmail add on is a simple, 1-click solution that uses machine learning to extract email receipts into an organized spreadsheet that you can download and edit. In your spreadsheet, you'll get the following columns organized for you: βœ… Date βœ… Payment βœ… Taxes βœ… Merchant βœ… Subject line βœ… Email text βœ… Email PDF of each receipt You'll get your first 50 receipts free so that you can see the quality of what we've created. If you want to have "Get My Receipts" go through your entire email account and extract all of your email receipts, there's a one-time cost of $24.99. But since you're hunters, here's a 50% discount using this code upon checkout: NPTDTY3C Thanks for reading and we hope this helps alleviate the stress with just 1 click!
Perfect timing!
@sgib Thanks, Shalom! Let me know what you think once you get your spreadsheet rendered!
Nice idea, will give it a shot. Congrats on a launch!
@peter_mukha Thanks, Peter! This took much longer than we anticipated, but glad it's finally launched! :)
Looks pretty useful and right timing.
This is awesome and would like to try it but I have questions about privacy. Since this is scanning my emails, is any non-receipt data being stored by cloudHQ? Is my data being used in any way beyond generating a report? Is the gSheet that's generated saved by cloudHQ and shared with me? If so, how long is it saved for?
@jimlung Good question! The Google Sheet is owned by you, we just generate it for you. Also good to note that @cloudhq_net now has over 1.5M users- we handle accounts from government institutions, to legal accounts, and very large corps too. Here's our security page (GDPR compliant), and our privacy page for you to understand how seriously we take this issue: https// and
@cloudhq_net @nassaraf Awesome! Thanks, for getting back to me. Looking forward to trying this out this weekend.