Get Meta

An API for getting meta information from a web page

GetMeta is an API for getting meta information from a web page

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@luanmuniz thank you for hunting Get Meta! It was a pleasant surprise to get wake up and learn that my product is in the top 10 πŸ™ Hey, fellow hunters! I've built Get Meta API during The 24 Hour Startup Challenge to power my main product Telepost . Get Meta allows getting meta information from a page such as a title, description, Twitter & Open Graph data (used by many services including Facebook). All you need is to provide an URL to a web page, and you'll get JSON with available data. See the demo: It was a fun ride building it, you can read about my experience in a blog post "Building a startup in 5 hours": I'm planning to continue growing the project by adding new features and making it faster. I will be doing it in a backward compatible way, so you can start using it without worrying that it might break one day.
It's a good idea but I wish that you would have represented data in a better fashion. Currently, it is difficult to read. BTW, I used Chrome.
@anuragmehra this is a JSON API and not supposed to be human readable, but in the future, I might introduce a viewer that will nicely format the data. Thank you for the idea πŸ‘Œ
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