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Curated directory over 250,000+ leads across 100+ websites bookmarked for freelancer.

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Hello all - I am Varun from Sieve. I am a recent graduate who is figuring out how to be a growth hacker and I just joined Sieve in their growth team. We are excited to launch our directory of 100+ websites to get freelance work. None of them are affiliate link, we are just trying to build a quality list where people can just hop on and get work. I am sure there are many other awesome sites, please ping me to add them to list. I’ll be upfront that I am trying to drive traffic to our core offering Sieve ( but I figured out that one of the best way to do so it to provide real value to our potential customers. When we launched Sieve a few weeks ago many freelancers asked for leads, so I set out on a mission to put together all places on the internet to get work (even our competitors). Inspired by marketing stack and startup stash, (Thanks @bentossell ) In the past couple of weeks I’ve spent a great deal of time putting together the list, verifying them, creating accounts and trying it out myself whenever possible, and co-ordinating with our engineering and design folks to get this up and running, It’s a very small endeavour, but helped me learn a great deal about managing the overall cycle to get things done, hope you find this valuable. Here we go! 250000+ potential leads waiting for find you, just one click away!
Your URL @iamvarunnair is very cool :-)
@angeloe Thank you. I hope you found our leads stack helpful ? 😃
@iamvarunnair As a Digital Marketer who often looks for freelance work, I think this is such a valuable resource! Love the genuine value you're providing to the community - a great way to scale inbound traffic.
@lachlankirkwood Sounds awesome that it helps you a lot, and also if I missed out any valuable websites for digital marketing, let me know :)
Really valuable and helpful links! Good job @iamvarunnair 👏
@gabriel_theodoropoulos Thank you so much, this appreciation means a lot to me.
first of all kudos and good effort on curating the list but a quick look at the marketing jobs section...and I still find and superior
Hey @iamedwardtay, thank you. I will surely consider to add marketing jobs section too. Also each website has its own uniqueness if iam not wrong. ;)
@iamvarunnair what are your top 3 places?
Hey, @vladkorobov I am afraid we don’t have that yet 😬 , we thought of it more like a curated list, but we are not grading them. But yeah, I’d be keenly exploring ways to grade them based on some criteria.
Are you Sieve or Get Leads?
@ash_sach I am Sieve, Get Leads is a directory of leads for the freelancer to draw traffic into our website (