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A new internet—one rated and curated by humans.

Discover reviews and recommendations of websites of all kinds. Organize your websites into beautiful collections. Browsing is a collaborative community experience with Get Kelvin.
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Hey Product Hunt, I’m Angela, one of the makers of Get Kelvin and I’m so excited for our launch on Product Hunt! How do you discover websites today? Most of us type a query into a search engine, get a list of results, and click the top returns. Allow me to point out some of the problems with this model. 🤖Your search results are SEO driven and ad-cluttered, curated by corporate algorithms that have their own best interests at heart. 👁Your search results aren’t visual; you don’t get a chance to see a website before you visit. 🕵️‍♀️There’s no way to tell if anyone else liked or disliked a website and what reviews they gave it. 🗂You can’t organize a set of websites into a beautiful collection and share it with people. 😞Browsing is often an isolated activity - one that can be lonely, repetitive and uninspiring. Get Kelvin solves these problems and we’re only just getting started. We’ve built a word-of-mouth search engine, where community members rate and review websites and organize them into awesome collections. We’re taking a community-centered approach to discovering and reviewing websites of all kinds - and we’ve found that sharing websites is a fun and amusing way to get to know people better. After 9 months of hard work, we are thrilled to introduce Get Kelvin. Get ready to experience a new internet - one rated and curated by humans! With Get Kelvin, you can: ✅ Discover awesome community-curated websites and collections - sort them by topic, filter by highest rated, search for anything! ✅ Add as many websites as you like using our Add Site functionality or our browser extensions. ✅ Share how you feel about a site using our fun emoji slider. ✅ Leave a review of a site, or join a conversation with other people who have the same site in common. ✅ Create beautiful public collections of websites (they can be anything - favorite designers, best indie games - you get the idea) ✅ Create beautiful private collections of websites for your personal use (reading lists, research, etc) ✅ Discover completely random sites using our Encounter Feature We can’t wait to welcome you to Get Kelvin. Happy Browsing! 😻🤩 ----------------------------- In case you were wondering, 👍At Get Kelvin, we don’t show ads or sell our users’ data ❤️437 members have discovered 2401 websites, left 2658 reviews and created 96 collections 💫We are a fully remote company with 7 team members working all over the globe 💜We are passionate about transparent feedback - if you’re a member, you can give us feedback and upvote other people’s feedback at ----------------------------- 🎉Offer 🎉 Get Kelvin has a special give away for Product Hunters. If you create the Collection that generates the most discussion this week (Oct 17 - Oct 24), you will win a $50 Amazon gift card! The collection needs to be public and have PRODUCTHUNT in its description. Winners will be announced October 25th! If you have any questions about the contest, tweet your questions to us @GetKelvin. -----------------------------
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The best part about Get Kelvin is having a place to immediately share those hidden gem websites that you run into while on an internet wormhole. And seeing the ones that your friends find on their internet journeys. Those places are what make the internet worthwhile. Someone made a fantastic collection of such places: There are plenty of other practical uses of Get Kelvin, but above all it is fun.
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@quable @chris_jeffrey Thank you so much for your kind words! We are thrilled to have you as part of the Get Kelvin community ✨ I agree, I love seeing the places other people hang out online - and when I navigate to a new site where there's already ratings or reviews, it almost feels like running into a friend at a random coffee shop!
I spend a lot of time looking for sustainable investments, baby products, things to do and other things I want to store together, and Get Kelvin lets me organize those in a way that's way faster and more intuitive than my former system of sticky notes, bookmarks, or evernote. And since I collaborate with my husband, friends, my assistant, etc. on these things, I need it to be easy to share and auto update. Also since these are things a lot of people struggle with (how to find investments that rank well on sustainability, social justice, etc., what stuff and resources you need for an infant) I love that I can collaborate on my collections with others interested in the same topics. Great product!
@mymeeshell I'm so happy you're finding so much use for Get Kelvin - I agree, collections is an incredibly helpful feature to organize your online journey, and it's fantastic to be able to share and collaborate. Appreciate the kind words! 🙏
Being a visual person what I love most about Get Kelvin is the collections feature, being able to save my websites and then view them through a quick beautiful interface is great as well as being able to browse through other people's collections! Ive discovered some wonderful artists through it as well as tools for making my work easier!
@sophie_glover1 That is so lovely to hear! I personally have loved your contributions to Get Kelvin - I've discovered many new artists and designers through your posts. 🙏 Glad you're enjoying collections - it's my favorite tool as well!
It’s exciting and fun
@mimi_fery Yay! We think so too 😻