Like Tinder for your camera roll

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Only thing I worry about it I take multiple photos of everything. So it isn't really deciding if I like the photo but deciding which one is best of that moment. Being able to compare multiple would be great.
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@JoshDance +1 plus HDR/nonHDR dilemma.
@JoshDance I'm all about those panoramas and you always take like 6 to get a good one
@joshdance Cleanup does exactly what you are looking for. Swipe left/right through carousel to compare and up to delete. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/...
I especially like the MB counter at the top. Every swipe feels like progress. Nice review on the Verge, @caseynewton.
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@rrhoover the swipe movement & counter gives a fun hot or not like game feel
@rrhoover @caseynewton How do you inset Giphys in comments? :D
Nice. I need this more for my Dropbox "camera uploads" folder.
The easiest way to clean up your camera roll on iOS that I've seen.
I love this, but I want it IN the photo app, not as a separate app.