Know your financial situation and when you can retire

I have built a personal bookkeeping tool that helps you to grow your personal number of FIRE Points. 🔥 With every FIRE Point that you own, you’ll be able to retire an extra month early! What about you? Are you ready to get FIRE? 😺
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Hello Hunters! 👋 I often wondered how I could free myself from my monthly paycheck and create a viable savings plan, that would allow me additional financial freedom, and eventually save enough money so that I wouldn’t have to work for 24 months. So, I created my own, personal version of a financial (freedom) bookkeeping tool, which I then called Get FIRE. The „FIRE“ stands for the widely known FIRE Movement; Financial Independence, Retire Early. Here is one common sentence from the FIRE Movement: If you manage to save 50% of your annual income, you can take a whole year off work. That's why I designed Get FIRE so that personal saving rates are always the center of attention. 🤓 In addition, it is always extremely important to me that I know at any given time, for how many months I'm financially secure. For example: If I stop earning money now, how many months can I keep up my current life (financially)? This is exactly what your FIRE Points stand for. 🔥 The math behind FIRE Points is pretty simple: FIRE Points = Savings / Living Standard Before starting to built my own app, I searched for a long time to find a suitable app, which can guarantee high privacy to me. I didn't find one by myself, so I started to built Get FIRE with an additional layer of privacy protection; your master password. This ensures that you – and only you – can read your financial data. 🔒 Let me know what you think! 👐
@onfirejan Is it region dependent? Asking because its asking for currency while signing up. What regions are supported.
@madhur_ahuja Sorry for confusion! Which countries and currencies do you like to see? I will add them for you 👍
@madhur_ahuja Done! There are more currencies now including INR. Would love to hear your feedback🙏
Cool — nice work! you should post on Reddit's r/FinancialIndependence subreddit. They have a weekly self-promotion thread that is primed for this. Lots of FIRE posts and followers there
@jpsear Amazing! I will do it soon. Thank you🙏
@jpsear Thanks for your advice! It is done:
Great idea, keep up the good work!
@mxmllr Thank you! 🙏
Wow, cool concept! Will follow closely!
@nils_dannemann Thanks for your feedback! 🙏
Cool, good work. Wish you the best. I am going to use it.
@gerhild_saro Thank you! Would love to hear your feedback while using it 🙏