Get Digs

Pay rent the way you want; security for landlords

Get Digs is only in Toronto for now - but is letting people pay their rent by credit card with no fee!

Hey @meg_mcquillan 👋🏼 what's the story behind Get Digs?
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@lamaalrajih Thanks for the message! The team behind Get Digs is super passionate about making the rental experience better for renters and landlords. We've just launched in the City of Toronto, and we're starting with simplifying the rent payment experience. By putting ourselves in the middle of the rent payment relationship, we're able to offer renters flexibility in how you pay rent -- gone are the days of post-dated cheques, you can now choose to pay by Credit, Debit or e-Transfer ... totally free. For landlords, we're able to offer security by ensuring that they get paid rent on time, regardless of when their renter pays. In the unfortunate incident that a renter doesn't pay us, we continue to pay up to 4 months of rent so that landlords don't find themselves out of pocket. Lots more exciting stuff to come, feel free to reach out to if you have any more questions!
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