Get After It

Free wallpapers to keep you moving 🖼️

Get After it is a collection of 8 desktop wallpapers containing action quotes to motivate us to build stuff

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Hi Everyone, My current desktop wallpaper was a boat in the sea (that was not going anywhere :) so I thought why not make some wallpapers containing action quotes that motivates myself (and others) to build stuff, so here are 8 wallpapers made in less than 2 hours using Google slides. Number of wallpapers - 8 Background - Black and white Resolution - 1920 x 1080 (the most commonly used) Style: Distraction free and minimal Are they perfect: No Tool used: Google Slides P.S. I am not a designer
@tahaqadri I like the honesty :) Hope you keep adding more to the pack!
@amrith Thanks a lot, yes sure I will add more in V2
that’s a really nice idea, would be great to have it in other design)
@anisiapasha Thanks, will definitely add new designs in next version
Nice collection, thank you!
@aitsle Welcome, I am glad you liked it