Lovely Mac menu bar app to create reminders w/ drag & drop

#3 Product of the DayJune 19, 2015

Drag & drop from the menu bar to create a reminder in just a single moment. Done. Go back to what you were doing without getting distracted by other tasks until really necessary.

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As someone who is always glued to my Mac and trying to focus, I really needed something where I could quickly empty my brain and stop worrying about other tasks until it was really necessary. Just drag and drop from the menu bar and your are golden! This often helped me remember that I should probably go to the kitchen to check on the food I have cooking, or that I should probably leave the house soon in order to make it to work or class on time. It can really be used for anything of the sorts. I am really happy with the results and hopefully this will be useful to others too. If you have any questions then feel free to ask me :)
@imaddin Hey, just tried it out. Lovely. So simple. Playful interaction. Joy to use. I expected it to be really tricky to set precise times, but it's so easy. Well done.
@prattarazzi Thank you for the nice comment! As an app I use myself everyday it just had to be fun to use. I'm glad you think so too 😁
@imaddin Nice idea! I use 20 minute timers for tasks and this is way more intuitive than something that is "in browser." Could you do something like this for mobile?
@oassoulin I actually had an iOS version before this because I had to shelf the Mac version due to lack of coding experience. The problem on mobile with this type of interaction is that the screen is very limiting. You'd only be able to create timers of up to about 2 hours if you still want be able to accurately set the number of minutes. That's a problem with a small screen. Larger screens might have the problem of being too difficult to operate with long drag gestures but I have yet to confirm that. I might bring back the iOS version some day because I had some fun animation ideas.
Loving the pull-to-set-time interaction. Sweet! : )
@snowfish2000 Thank you very much :)
So simple, so fun!
@checkyourvector I'm glad you like it!
Oh how awesome that is! I'm a poweruser and already in L o v e with your tool!
@manuel_brun Thank you! I am very happy to hear that!
Lovely interaction. Cool product!