Type with your hand gestures (Say goodbye to keyboards)

#2 Product of the DayOctober 31, 2015
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Things I can see Gest used for: * Minority Report-style video editing * Iron Man-style 3D modeling and design * Live DJing (DJs now literally have a reason to put their hands in the air) * Air instruments (parties will never be the same)
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@gregbarbosa That sounds more like a gadget / cool factor for presentations etc, than functional, lets say, UI-design-in-Photoshop tool. Which is just as awesome, but not so much "work". You do have a small demo of Photoshop stuff in the Kickstarter video (adjusting brightness contrast, moving the logo), but I can't really "see" how it would be incorporated in a designer's workflow, which is something that would be very interesting for me. Do you have a specific plan/vision for that part? Like how would the interaction with the program itself/mouse/keyboard work other then the typing part?
@_annacates I'm actually not one of the makers of Gest; @pfista might be a better person to ask. Personally I'm always afraid of the Gorilla Arms problem when using floating devices like this. Although this looks great, I fear for long usage it might be really difficult to use continuously.
@gregbarbosa Oh, you're right of course, my bad, definitely a question for @pfista :)
@_annacates @gregbarbosa Working on that video right now, we'll be updating our Kickstarter within a week to show what the process of designing with Gest will look like!
Hello folks! I'm Cofounder and CEO of Gest. Happy to answer any of your questions!
@pfista Why'd you decide to make a keyboard-less keyboard? Did you set out to make that?
@thetylerhayes @pfista Yes, we started with typing, and have since broadened our scope. We we're really frustrated with typing on tiny onscreen keyboards. Tired of seeing "sent from my iphone" at the bottom of emails as an excuse for brevity and typos. As computers get smaller input gets harder. Productivity goes out the window - and that's unacceptable. We set out to build a fundamentally new way of interacting with technology that makes working with smartphones, and even virtual/augmented reality devices, truly productive.
@pfista A little inside baseball on the kickstarter thing - but how did you get your first day pop? Did you buid an email list of people to notify on the first day? Have press embargoes until now?
@scorinth @pfista Exactly right! We grew our mailing list over the last year and had embargoes as well!
@pfista Pretty cool device, but I think one thing we all want to know is..... can I play Rad Racer on it?
Love this idea. Curious to see how it ends up performing.
great progress on Kickstarter! excited to see this in action.
Looks really cool, I'm curios though, how do you see this being used with Photoshop, for example? What would be the functions / workflow? Will a user be switching between mouse-keyboard-gest?
@_annacates While it's our vision to replace the keyboard and mouse we know that we've got a long way to go before that happens. Today, we think Gest will be most useful when it supplements the keyboard, mouse, and stylus in the areas where they fall short. For example, say someone is using a Wacom tablet in photoshop. They'd wear Gest on their non-drawing hand and use it for quick gesture shortcuts as well as object manipulation - like rotating objects, resizing (think things like pinch to zoom), and adjust sliders and dials for different effects. We’ve heard a lot of designers value comfort so we wanted something that would be ergonomic, allowing them to create accurately and efficiently but also not have to reach back and forth between keyboard mouse and stylus all day.
@pfista Thanks for elaborating on that. Sounds good. Can't wait to try it ;)