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This would be very interesting if they build it on top of Evernote
@acondurache pretty soon we'll be adding more power to the editor, which means you'll be able to do most of the magic you do in Evernote. That said, we're pretty focused right now on keeping the "putting in an idea" part easy and distraction-free text.
this could be really cool. After reading the Spark File Article on Medium by @stevenbjohnson, I'm using Evernote to write down my brainfarts, this looks really nice to use instead!
@bramk the problem with plain note apps to put down your sparks is later, when you're ready to organize them, there's no way to create a structure. On germ, you throw in your ideas as you get them, and then dive deeper into the details and add sub-ideas under that.
And finally, we're in... We've been building out a dungeon for the past 5 months and am glad we're seeing so much love from the PH community... thanks @rrhoover for the invite and @mareklachauthor for adding us here
When did upload it?
I use SimpleNote for my 'brainfarts' ;) It's quick and syncs really nice wherever I am- iPhone, iPad or laptop. Germ would need to be super fast and accessible wherever I am in order for me to change where I jot down ideas.
@darrenux currently we're purely a web app, but I know mobile is a big big area and we're working on our iOS app as we speak
@qvikr Would be interesting to maybe focus on just the initial capturing of an idea with the app - a very lightweight app that creates a new Flow or Germ on an existing Flow.
@jameskoole yup - that's the plan... to capture that eureka moment when you're walking the dog or taking a.... alright, lets keep it to just walking the dog now