German Corona-Warn App

The app helps to quickly disrupt chains of infection.

The Corona-Warn-App helps to quickly disrupt chains of infection. It turns your smartphone into a warning system. The app informs us if we have had contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19. It protects us and others around us, as well as our privacy.
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I don't understand the economics here... "it cost €20M to develop and will require €2.5M- €3.5M per month to operate" But maybe a reasonable question is: how much SHOULD building and operating a contact tracing app like this cost? Most tech accelerators put in around $200K and expect a pretty viable product... with some traction. Germany put in 100x to build the app and it's going to cost 100x to run... is that reasonable for the expected outcomes? Or is this just what government bureaucracy/compliance adds to the bottom line? The fact the result is open source is a good thing though!
@chrismessina I think its just governmental overhead. Making an app for a startup $x Making the same app for the government $100x
@chrismessina I think one big part of it is the fact that this was built by SAP – a company well known for charging lots of money. But guess how much the UK’s Corona app cost. You know, the one they ended up scraping and not using because they had built it without using Apple and Google’s decentralised API but instead came up with their own centralised system. It cost €120M.
This app was released by the German Federal Government to curb the spread of COVID-19. It was ensured that the app meets the stringent German data protection requirements.