Text (305) 338-2148 to speak with a startup therapist

Interesting... It says on the site that 'After experiencing the ups and downs of the game for years, Gerald knows what it's like to embrace uncertainty, and understands how lonely it can be building your company...or anything.' But you mention that Gerald 'could be one or many different individuals' How can the user trust the same level of experience across multiple 'therapists'? I think the idea hits on something that is needed but my thoughts are that something a little 'more concrete' or 'official' may be needed. Nevertheless, interesting idea and space and will be keen to see where this goes. Hope this doesn't have the same fate as Gerald's cousin, Doug :)
Gerald is essentially SMS founder talk - all types of advice from just not knowing what to do next, should you keep going/shut down, where to find investors, random ideas, someone to talk about the Warriors with, or someone to go to Cougar Night with ;) Gerald could be one or many different individuals - and they could be spread out throughout the country...Gerald has been there, and he knows how hard the game is so hit him up for some advice if you need any. Cheers!
What's Gerald's advice to himself on the business model of Gerald? Based on his past experience, how did he land on that model?
@chrismessina this is a great question
I texted him or her, and saw nothing wrong it. I don't know how he will eventually monetize it without proof the person knows what they are talking about.
@jose_llorens Is Gerald not longer available? The link goes straight to a generic Squarespace website.