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Branded packaging accessible to anybody who needs it

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I have a secret obsession with beautiful packaging
Georgette Packaging creates some of the most beautiful food packaging I've ever seen. They help brands create packaging so good, that customers want to photograph and share them with others. They don't just sell boxes, they're effectively selling social media campaigns at scale. With minimum orders as small as 100 for most items, it allows small businesses to affordably MVP and A/B test designs the way online companies do with landing pages.
@ilikevests Thanks for your support always Kevin!! :)
All over this - Looks great! Thanks for posting!
Sarah (@georgettepack) is one of kindest entrepreneurs I've met. She puts all of her love into every box she produces, and cares so much about her customers' success.
@azilnik @georgettepack You are the absolute best Ari :D
Hello! I'm Sarah, the founder of Georgette Packaging. :D I'm a former bakery owner, and just wanted some nice branded boxes to help grow my business. So that's the origin of Georgette. We make it easy for small and rapidly growing businesses to get their brand on boxes, cups, and bags, at volumes as low as 100. :D I'd love to answer any questions anybody has!