George Takei's Oh Myyy-ojis

Official George Takei emojis stickers for iPhone & Android 😊

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So many celeb emoji apps! See @jackdweck's collection here.
@rrhoover we've got another thing cooking that should result in even more, which we will hunt one day soon: ;-)
George Takei is asking for upvotes on this submission on Twitter, which is against the Product Hunt rules:
Hey @minimaxir was just checking out your profile. Do you comment and make things but then make a point of not upvoting anybody else's products? Or did I miss something? By the way, the GIF converter thing looks great. Thanks for building!
@minimaxir Just didn't know the rules. Looks like he took down the request to upvote.
this is great! as someone George Takei has re-tweeted (phistofer ) I wholly support emojiis for when I want to textually say "oh-myyyyy" in my sweetest baritone impression of this ever loving man! <3
Ohh Myyyy