George Takei's Oh Myyy-ojis

Official George Takei emojis stickers for iPhone & Android 😊

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Luke Freeman
@luke_freeman · Founder, Posse
Ohh Myyyy


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
So many celeb emoji apps! See @jackdweck's collection here.
Max Woolf
@minimaxir · Absolute God of Hyperdeath
George Takei is asking for upvotes on this submission on Twitter, which is against the Product Hunt rules: https://imgur.com/a/zbqOD
Christopher Neitzert
this is great! as someone George Takei has re-tweeted (phistofer ) I wholly support emojiis for when I want to textually say "oh-myyyyy" in my sweetest baritone impression of this ever loving man! <3
Luke Freeman
@luke_freeman · Founder, Posse
Ohh Myyyy