George Takei's Oh Myyy-ojis

Official George Takei emojis stickers for iPhone & Android 😊



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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
So many celeb emoji apps! See @jackdweck's collection here.
David DeRemerMaker@deremer · Partner, Posse
@rrhoover we've got another thing cooking that should result in even more, which we will hunt one day soon: ;-)
Max Woolf@minimaxir · Absolute God of Hyperdeath
George Takei is asking for upvotes on this submission on Twitter, which is against the Product Hunt rules:
Mack Flavelle@mackflavelle ·
Hey @minimaxir was just checking out your profile. Do you comment and make things but then make a point of not upvoting anybody else's products? Or did I miss something? By the way, the GIF converter thing looks great. Thanks for building!
David DeRemerMaker@deremer · Partner, Posse
@minimaxir Just didn't know the rules. Looks like he took down the request to upvote.
Christopher Neitzert@christopher_neitzert
this is great! as someone George Takei has re-tweeted (phistofer ) I wholly support emojiis for when I want to textually say "oh-myyyyy" in my sweetest baritone impression of this ever loving man! <3
We are honored to have worked with George Takei ( and The Social Edge ( to create these 90+ stickers. We hope you like them. The apps are based on Posse's STCKY framework — check it out at — which sees stickers as more than just a marketing gimmick. Our philosophy is that stickers represent a new channel for dynamic engagement, and we see stickers as something that should be dynamic and evolving. So, be on the lookout for updates and more stickers coming soon from George and STCKY that focus on topical content and current events.
Luke FreemanMaker@luke_freeman · Founder, Posse
Ohh Myyyy