Geometry Club

Align your architecture photos with precision

Geometry Club is an architecture photography project on Instagram where people from around the world follow the guidelines, submit their photos, and join the club.

We purpose-built the camera app to help capture your architecture photos with precision. The images are neatly catalogued and you can share directly to Instagram.

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Love the idea of the app to double on the Instagram feed–superb!
@jrgd Thanks, Jerome. It is so handy to quickly capture the photo whilst out and about.
Working with images has become easier. We save time. Thank you.
@monomikisaketsu Thanks, glad you like it.
I love this idea! Why didn't I think of it!! I studied architecture before becoming a developer and i spend ages trying to line up buildings in all my photos 😂
@willam_woodhead Haha I ask that all the time. If you're into it, it's be great to feature a shot of yours on the Instagram.
Can be useful to anyone who uses Instagram
@fukinagarujichi I agree! I'd encourage users to explore other subject and capture interesting compositions using the grids.
A quick and simple application that saves me time. We are waiting for more functionality)
@chinomawaikega Thank you. Do you have any suggestions? :)