A web application for drawing awesome geometric shapes

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it is closed beta now :(
@tbdr Hi TBD, I'm pretty sure I'm missing something but ... why is it a problem?
@franckinjapan you cannot vote for something that you cannot test. tried it on mobile (didnt worked), switched to desktop – cannot access anymore. not a pleasant experience. from the screenshots/videos look like a great app though
@tbdr Just looked at it again and ... Wow ... that's really a matter of bad timing because the app was available for anybody to use until yesterday. The maker has created a paid version available here :
I use it whenever I need nerdy geometric shapes in my designs. The PNG export feature with background transparency at the resolution of your choice for free is just GREAT.
I find this quite interesting. However, when I go to the site, I see no way to sign up. Links take me to a PayPal screen (for sign in!?). I see no pricing either. I have an interest in the Mac and/or iPad Pro versions. Any thoughts? TIA
@rwachs Same! "Get It" button takes me to a PayPal screen to pay a modest fee of $369 USD.