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Alex KehrMakerHiring@alexkehr · Founder @ Pop Inc.
I launched this idea last Monday and it has been doing surprisingly well. Plenty of orders coming in, largely from AdWords (just $15/day spend) and Reddit. We've had 3,228 visits to the website in the first 7 days and get an order around ever 100 views (either $10 or $40 order). We are focused on growing this using organic search traffic, so content marketing is important to us. We believe that this will help us capture people who intend on buying a Geofilter. Additionally, one way that this is different than some of the other offers listed here on Product Hunt is that we are cheaper and have a bigger selection. We're going for quantity and quality. Lastly... a promo code for Product Hunt users. 25% off everything with: PRODUCTHUNT25
Tom Richards@thricha · Product Manager @ Facebook ex Intercom
@alexkehr thanks for the transparency! Great hearing some of the inner workings of your launch!
Wilhem PujarHiring@wilhempujar1 · CEO at Stacktical
@alexkehr that's cool, congrats on your launch and these great first KPIs. Always thought there was tons of rooms for this, will have a look :) 👊🏾
RaminHiring@ramin · marketing,
@alexkehr Thanks for sharing these numbers, always interesting to get some real-time insights! Looks cool!
Alex KehrMakerHiring@alexkehr · Founder @ Pop Inc.
@thricha Thanks! It actually picked up quite fast yesterday. I'll share more info soon.
Alex KehrMakerHiring@alexkehr · Founder @ Pop Inc.
@wilhempujar Thanks!
Sarah Evans@prsarahevans · Digital correspondent
Trying this out now. Will add to my upcoming talks on social marketing tips. Thanks so much!
David Smooke@davidsmooke · founder/ceo @hackernoon
saw this on "ART + marketing" last week :)
Alex KehrMakerHiring@alexkehr · Founder @ Pop Inc.
@davidsmooke And we saw you repost is :). Thanks for spreading the word!
Matthijs Otterloo@matthijs_soest
Cool idea! Curious how you make sure a filter will be activated 100% sure? because for 25$ you offer an "activation" but how can you guarantee this filter will be accepted?
Alex KehrMakerHiring@alexkehr · Founder @ Pop Inc.
@matthijs_soest Hi Matthijs, there's no guarantee that it will be approved. If it isn't approved, we will instantly refund 100% of the purchase. We haven't had any issues with approval and have had quite a fair amount of customers now.
Sarah Evans@prsarahevans · Digital correspondent
So only issue for me is I can't figure out how to submit additional information before submitting the final form. It's not appearing for me and I'm in Chrome. Any thoughts?
Alex KehrMakerHiring@alexkehr · Founder @ Pop Inc.
@prsarahevans That was an error on the product page. But we're talking by email now, so you know that we've taken care of the issue :)