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Kaan Soral
Kaan SoralMaker@kaansoral
I love watching tv shows and movies, on average I spend more than 2 hours everyday watching stuff, it's how I keep my motivation up. I was using other products in my daily life, one of them helped me see which episodes have aired that day, the other one was a one-place social network for movies and tv shows, which got me addicted to the usage, however original founders of the second product moved on, the experience degraded, data got disrupted, so out of immediate need I built a sub-social network inside Geobird for Movies and TV Shows. It's a niche product, there are other small products that do similar things one way or another, but I believe a sub-set of people would love to have all these features in one place. Here is why, bits and pieces of features/usages: > Your own schedule of the TV Shows you follow > See upcoming, next, last episodes > Receive push notifications before episodes air > Mark episodes, movies as watched, rate them, review them > See who else is following a show, interact with them > Watchlist movies, get notified at theater and digital releases > As the community grows, discover news tv shows and movies worthy of watching > Available on Web, iOS, Android All incoming email, feedback is read, If you want a feature added, a feature changed for the better, a bug fixed, it's very likely going to happen. I will also maintain Geobird indefinitely, so you won't receive a "we are shutting down in 2 months" email in 2 months. Email: Here are movies: To get an idea, here is my profile, mainly filled with tv shows and movies: Feel free to ask my anything, Best, Kaan
Geva Telem
Geva Telem@geva_t · Marketing @Ripples, Blogging @Geekstyle
@kaansoral @geobird the mobile apps are not relevant to this product
Kaan Soral
Kaan SoralMaker@kaansoral
@geva_t they are housed in the same ecosystem, you can access /tvshows+/movies similarly on both web and mobile, on the mobile apps, you go from logo-browse > more > tvshows-or-movies I considered a fully dedicated app for tvshows and movies, yet without a significant user base, it's not worth the effort - tho - I'm thinking of modifying the mobile apps so they optimise themselves for usage, if you use geobird for tvshows, when you open the mobile apps it's the thing you should see