Hey everyone we are excited we to introduce you to Gentleman's Bet. On GBet you can make and track sports bets with your friends. We have update lines, live game feeds and real time in app chat. We are looking forward to your feedback!
@mike_matousek Any foreseeable legal issues (I'm based in the states, not sure if the app is). Thanks!
@mike_matousek Cool Mike. Get this to Cousin Sal and Bill Simmons!
@kbclauson Agreed! Any help there would be great!
@jsanc623 We are based in the states and the way we keep it legal is by not facilitating any payment through the app.
Use it all the time, especially during football season ... but works for all sports
Love this idea. Friends bet on sprouting events all the time, now there is a legit platform for it. Can't wait to use it.
Great work! Any chance you'll add other sports like rugby or cricket?
@jesseorndorff Hey we can absolutely put a few of those up? Any big matches up coming you would recommend? Thanks!
Love that you're expanding into new leagues and increase in prop bets.