Self-balanced device for people with disabilities

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The self-balancing system force to maintain a constant and very subtle control of the center of gravity. Therefore it requires a continuous activation of the postural muscles of the torso which must quickly respond to external and internal variations. This offers some benefits: it provides for the ability to control and maintain a good posture of the torso in a seated position, encouraging the recovery of the physiological lumbar lordosis. It also provides the unaware patient with real exercise of postural biofeedback.
Looks cool! But what about being self-balancing makes it better than a regular electric wheelchair?
@benburns Thanks for your question. People who make use of traditional wheelchairs are daily confronted with a number of issues. Moving while constantly looking down to avoid the small front wheels sinking into the frequent holes and always having both hands busy (often getting dirty) can lead to frustration. Not to mention the problem of the rain, which compels wheelchair users to get wet because of the impossibility of holding a simple umbrella. Also dealing with slippery grounds, little steps or little slopes can entail considerable risks. Genny immediately solves all these issues, for example. With Genny you are completely hands free. Being able to hold one’s own boyfriend/girlfriend’s hand while strolling is a common action for those who walk but often impossible for those who use a wheelchair. Genny allows us, thanks to its mobility features, to stroll looking at the landscape with no worries about the road surface. Being able to eat an ice- cream or bringing one’s own “puppy” for a walk becomes a reality today. Leisure, sports and work will never be the same again.
This looks beautifully executed and glad to see Segway/self balancing tech being used to serve this market. It's a wonderful irony seeing that Dean Kamen's first invention to gain him broad noteriety was the "iBot" powered wheelchair (now discontinued I believe). I thought the video on the website did a nice job of showing unique benefits/UX - such as the young man swaying to music. Best wishes for further success.
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