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Hi there! I’m Jesse Lakes, the cofounder and CEO of Geniuslink. Thanks @dredurr, for hunting us and helping us to get the word out! Geniuslink helps ecommerce marketers solve some of their toughest marketing challenges with intelligent links. Our smart links ensure people can always buy their products no matter where in the world they are or which device they are using. Promoting products through standard links often interferes with the buyer’s ability to buy a product or to interact with localized and relevant content given her/his location or device. Amazon, for example, runs 14 different global storefronts. When someone in the UK clicks on an Amazon link and is directed to, they aren't being sent to the ideal Amazon storefront for them to purchase. I’ll be around to answer any questions you might have. Or you can reach us on Twitter at @geniuslink or via email at! Thanks a lot for supporting us, we look forward to your comments and feedback. EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR HUNTERS: Please go to for more details on how to get two months of unlimited clicks for free! Offer expires on February 5th, 2016.
I used these guys for my reading list email It's been great. Though I don't recall two weeks of free clicks!
Thanks @ryanholiday! All new accounts start off with 30 days of free clicks so that our clients can make sure it's a good fit for their needs.
I've been using Geniuslink for a bit, and I really enjoy the service. While I haven't even scratched the surface of what the product can do, one thing I can attest to is how great Jesse Lakes the CEO has been. Their customer support is fantastic, their product works, and their emails that go out really explain the service. If you're serious about affiliate marketing, this is a no brainer.
Thanks @bsutich! Affiliate marketing (and music) is where our roots are at. You have to stay true to those as you adapt and evolve. Thanks again for your comment.
One of my favorites, I've recommended them to my audience with confidence for the past 6 months, and I agree with everyone else's statements about Jesse - totally responsive and super helpful!
Thanks Pat! It's been great working with you.
I've been using genius for about 7 months now. I absolutely love it! (And they are not paying me to say that) If you have any type of affiliate link. You are leaving a ton of money on the table by not using genius.🤓
Thanks again for the hunt and comment @dredurr! Do you mind sharing a few of the reasons why you love the service?