Genius Story

Your favorite Genius lyrics as Instagram Stories

Genius Story is a fun way to share your favorite lyrics from Genius to Instagram

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Hi everyone! We kept seeing people share screenshots of lyrics and thought we'd spend a day making something a little better designed to share.
Having some intense AIM away message flashbacks with this, but I'm into it
Hey guys, this is awesome. Thanks! High-five: ✋
It works perfectly! Great job @alexander_marttinen @nikodraca 👏 I used Genius Story to share some lyrics and it was so easy to use. I love the simplicity 🙌 I only have one problem, I am French so we have accented characters and it's not supported so I can't share these images :/
@alexander_marttinen @mrcalexandre Thanks for the heads up! We were having issues with encoding some native characters, definitely will be fixing that asap. Thanks for checking it out :)
@nikodraca thanks for the quick answer 👍 You’re welcome, thanks for building Genius Stories