Genius Pack Backpack w/ Suiter

World’s first backpack with a place for hanging garments

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Hi Product Hunt! Today I am thrilled to release 2 very unique products that myself and the Genius Pack team have been working on for quite some time. We released today, 2 products that solve a very big travel problem: 1. Genius Pack Travel Backpack w/ Integrated Suiter: We've meticulously designed this to look extremely sleek from the outside (we took inspiration from the Porsche 911), yet super feature-rich in the inside. We're proud to release the first backpack with a place for your hanging garments, as well as our popular patented Laundry Compression Technology which makes this bag a great work/gym bag. There's also integrated laptop/tablet pockets and tech organization compartments. Watch the video here: 2. Genius Pack Carry On Duffle w/ Integrated Suiter: Similar to the backpack, we've designed this to be the last duffle anyone ever needs. The exterior access laundry chute provides the ultimate solution for keeping unclean clothing secluded. The entire bottom cavity of the bag unzips to a tri-fold suiter for hanging garments. That means you can use the top main compartment regularly. Oh, and I made sure to include as many interior pockets as possible so you'll be able to organize everything from your tech to your clothes. Watch the video here: All feedback is appreciated. Thanks, Alfred
@alfredchehebar Hi Alfred -- How would you compare your backpack to something like Henty's Wingman Backpack?
I should also mention that both products are in stock & ship ASAP