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Genius Cards is where pick or create solutions to the world's problems.

Each time a new problem card is released you choose the best solutions. If you choose the solution that wins the round, you're a winner. You can also submit your own solutions for a chance to win. πŸ’°

Prizes depend on the number of players for that round.




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Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt Β· Trying to make things people want
Thanks for checking out Genius Cards! You can play in our "beta round" or Round #0 right now. We would love to get your feedback on what you like or don't like so we can make changes before starting our first official round later in the week. The game is simple: 1. Each round has a real-world problem to solve 2. Players choose the best solutions 3. Or, submit your own idea for feedback and a chance to win prizes 4. The highest voted solution for each round gets 50% of the prize πŸ’° 5. The people how rank the winning solution highest split the remainder of the prize Benefits: - Fast to play πŸ•’ - Fun to see random problem/solution combinations 😎 - Get feedback on your ideas πŸ’¬ - Chance to win some pizza money πŸ• Here is a link if you want to check it out:
Rudy Lee@rlvl Β· Creator of Kydy, Co-Founder of VREX LAB
I like the concept :) Congrats on the release :)
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt Β· Trying to make things people want
@kydyzyx thank you!! appreciate the nice words...hopefully it will be fun and useful
Braxton Huff πŸ™ŒπŸ»@3raxton Β· Creator traveling the world πŸ™ŒπŸ»
This is really interesting! I hope more people start to join so I can see what it’s really like. Take my referral when you join:
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt Β· Trying to make things people want
@3raxton thanks!! I hope so also...
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt Β· Trying to make things people want
@3raxton hey your referral link needs to go to /beta
Scott Stern@sbstern Β· Founder, Central Marketing Agency
Really interest idea, but needs some refinement. 1. The voting is confusing at first. Took me a few rounds to understand how voting works. 2. The character limit it too restrictive. These are complex issues and real solutions can't be summarized in 28 characters. The summary needs to allow the length of a tweet and then a section for much more detail. 3. What happens with the best ideas? Aside from the chance of a small reward, why would someone want to spend time thinking of a thoughtful answer? Could quickly just become about the funniest or most sensational answer, rather than an actual solution.
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt Β· Trying to make things people want
@sbstern these are really good points - thanks for taking time to share them. 1. I see what your saying about the voting confusion...working on making that more intuitive. 2. Other people mentioned that and we may just need to make it longer 3. If enough people get involved, there could be significant incentive to provide a thoughtful answer. The plan is to split the reward; some to best legitimate solution, part to the funniest. That way it keeps it fun, but gives more incentive to real solutions. Additionally, I'm trying to work out some partnerships that will provide something more than prize money to good solutions. That way, founders with good ideas not only have validation that people like their idea, but they have other rewards (more to come on this as it develops) Thanks again...I'll try to address these things more
Andrew TyeMakerPro@awt Β· Trying to make things people want
Quick update on the prizes for Round #0 - we will turn on prizes once we reach enough users, and the prize for the round will continue to increase from that point. Also, we will move to the next problem (Round #1) as soon as we hit a target number of users. Then it will be a more steady release of 2-3 rounds per day.