Answer questions, win cash!

Genius is a new live trivia game with a sleek interface, charismatic host, and a laid-back vibe.


Seb Jachec
Paweł Halicki
Md Islam
 +12 reviews
  • Cameron Blackwell
    Cameron BlackwellLive to work

    Good UI


    Blatant rip off of HQ. Download the real app HQ for the time of your life.

    Disgusted by the fact someone would copy an app taking off right now to the extent Genius did. In my eyes, not a Genius move.

    Cameron Blackwell has used this product for one day.


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NotAGuru@vincentorleck · Social Media Mgr, ASU KED
How do I downvote on here?
Md Islam
Md Islam@mdnislam007 · notahacker
If you're gonna make an exact copy of an app at least make it for the platform that it doesn't support yet (Android)
Markia Theus
Markia Theus@deleted-894424
E tu, Genius? Jokes aside, I think it's pretty inspiring how quickly some can manage to clone a fun app's distinct feature and completely ruin the experience/social value for everyone else.
Peter DeNatale
Peter DeNatale@peterdenatale · Private Pilot / Entrepreneur
How is this any different from HQ?
REV1S@nyjetlife · undisclosed
I love competition, but at least be original.
Del Williams
Del Williams@delwilliams · Founder, Thinking Anew Media
I hate to say it, but everyone knew the HQ Trivia could be easily duplicated. They are in the midst of a slight PR crisis due to their founders according to an article I read today. If someone can come along without the bad behavior and give people a solid experience, they could beat HQ. They do need to do more than copy, but then that’s what Instagram did to Snapchat. No difference.