Genie History Search

Always find the page you are looking for, like magic.

Finding a particular page is not always easy.

With Genie History Search, all your open pages, bookmarks and history of pages are always at your finger tips. Simply click the extension icon or press Ctrl+K (Cmd+K) and Genie is here to help you.

Obvious question is privacy. Where is that being stored? Are you sending it to your servers in any way? And does it work cross platform? And on mobile?
@saifalfalah Of course. Very good question. All the data is stored locally on Chrome browser. It is also searched locally. The user's data is not sent to any servers for storage or analysis. Currently it only works on Chrome. I do plan to make it cross platform and build a separate mobile app. Let me know if you have any other questions.
@jacktucker24 Without sending data to your cloud, it would be difficult to integrate all of these platforms together. A cloud will act as a central data repository. But sending that data to cloud has its own obvious problems. An interesting problem to solve.
Hi everyone. I'm happy to introduce Genie History Search. I create this extension from a personal need to quickly find pages that I have already visited. If you ever find yourself opening a lot of pages and losing track of where a certain page is, worry no more. If you ever close a page accidentally and can't find it, worry no more. If you ever can't find a page among all your bookmarks, worry no more. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
@jacktucker24 Just downloaded this and can't wait to see if it will save me time over searching in Chrome history bar 👍🏽
@abadesi can't wait to see if it helps :)