Genghis Khan

How Khan and the Mongols shaped the modern world

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Startup L. JacksonHunter@startupljackson · Social Media Expert
Genghis Khan was one of the top three founders of all time, up there with Jesus and Jobs. This is the story of how he built an economic and political system spanning continents and several centuries.
Tucker Max@tucker_max
I would just like to point out that this is one of my favorite books of all time, and will show you that everything you thought about Genghis Khan was wrong. SLJ ain't playin--he was amazing.
Oskar von Hauske@ovonhauske · Designer @ Google
Genghis Khan was a very interesting figure, and I I think his strategy and story are very interesting. But he was a genocidal murderer too. More like Hitler than Jesus or Jobs.
Startup L. JacksonHunter@startupljackson · Social Media Expert
Genocide is a uniquely 20/21st century phenomenon. Here's a good book on that subject.
Mr. N TL Frown@mrfrowntown
@hardcorehistory has a pretty great listen about the subject and gives really good insight into how Genghis Khan built a foundation that was expanded upon by his sons, particularly Kublai. Will absolutely check this out