Generated Photos

Rights-free faces made using AI

#4 Product of the DayApril 09, 2020
New platform, new faces, new styles. ⠀
Meet Generated Photos — the most consistent AI-generated media available.⠀
• Radically improved quality
• Natural styling option
• Transparent backgrounds
• 2 million+ faces
• Advanced filtering and sorting
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Hey PH, at Generated Photos we produce incredibly realistic faces using machine learning. We are happy to officially release our web platform, along with nearly 2 million next-generation faces. As these people do not exist our photos hold no additional copyrights, use rights, royalties, and are safe to use commercially in any legal fashion. Generated Photos launched with the 100,000 Faces project a little over 7 months ago, taking 3rd in the Golden Kitty awards for AI/ML🎉! From that project we received great feedback on areas where we could increase realism. The most common suggestion being to show more flaws, real people don’t have perfect skin after all. With this in mind we trained an all-new ‘natural’ generative adversarial network on more diverse source photos, captured right in our studio. We may be biased, but we think it worked great. The resulting faces are more consistent in quality, style, and realism than ever before. To make these new photos easier to work with we also added: - Transparent backgrounds (or change to color you wish) - More whitespace around heads (continually improving) - Better classification of physical attributes - Easy bulk selection, even if you are looking for complex demographics What are faces like this used for? Our community of 10k+ has already used generated images for: Persona building, enterprise trials, e-commerce, advertising, face-swapping, research applications, art exhibits, crime prevention, and much more. By the numbers: 3 months of studio time shooting non-professional models for training data. 2 completely new machine learning models for stunning realism. 1 custom platform that identifies characteristics for filtering and selecting large groups of photos. This is just the first stage in building a full toolset in the creative AI space. Give it a try and let us know any feedback you may have.
@visualpharm Nice work! Have you checked out Generative.Photos ? from @lisha_li1 ? They're doing some cool stuff around being able to change faces along with bodies and they also seem to have an API as well. Could be worth checking out!
@visualpharm @thejerrylu Thanks for noticing Jerry! Also cool UI for the launch @visualpharm! Our API is used by anyone who wants to alter their existing photos to change traits like age, ethnicity, hair color...etc of models in the photo. Examples of how it works is here! We’re already being used by a stock photo site. Can also work on full body models where we made a specific mannequin 2 model product to help fashion e-commerce sites automatic their model photography process Exciting to work on the generative space!
These latest faces are simply awesome. Controlling the source training material really starts to show its value in this release. Just look at the progression over the last few months. Say goodbye to the uncanny valley!
Natural faces are definitely the breakthrough. They are really beautiful. Thanks and kudos to the team!
Wow! These 'people' look so real. Unbelievable! Thank you!
Good work, Ivan. This is impressive.