Mix, layer, edit multimedia on your phone. Stream on FB Live

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We are really honoured to be featured on product hunt, thanks guys! In terms of comments, suggestions, we would love to hear your feedback for discussion. Just a couple quick notes, we are adding full aspect ratio currently, and have a number of new filters as well coming soon. Also you can record full length videos and project with the app using Generate Pro!
You gotta check out the Prism filter. So dope.
Perfect addition to my Mashup Products collection. 😄
Nice find, @herbosa.
@rrhoover Thanks! I thought it'd make a fitting addition :)
Played with the Dissolve filter to accentuate the movement of the bird by layering two photos. Here's my latest featuring the Mask x Prism filters. (How could I not...)
@herbosa oh, that's great. 👍
Also if you like Generate and want to check out Generate Pro please hit me up on twitter and I will get you all sorted out!